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Content Pages of Guide to an Unknown University

Introduction by Theodore Zeldin

Discover the secrets behind the facade of an ivory tower. The new book by The Oxford Muse, introduced by acclaimed historian and broadcaster Theodore Zeldin, is an intimate portrait of the University of Oxford. Hear the voices of porters and students alongside those of professors and college masters.

Introduction: The Future of Ivory Towers by Theodore Zeldin
1 Why, after five years as a management consultant, a graduate has returned to search for something else: Leonora Fitzgibbons, a self-portrait
2 How I discover that other people feel what I feel: a self-portrait
3 Why it could be all right to be unhappy: Matthew McLean, a self-portrait
4 How a specialist on incurable brain diseases cultivates his own mind: Kevin Talbot in conversation with John Reed
5 How to be guided by strangers through an unknown city: Sabine Hocking, a self-portrait
6 Being a typical Piscean: Rebecca Williams in conversation with Leonora Fitzgibbons
7 I work for security and I dream of freedom: Adrian White in conversation with Malini Roy
8 How polio has and has not coloured a professor's life: Alison Brading in conversation with John Reed
9 How poetry can help you talk to strangers: Sophia Blackwell, a self-portrait
10 Why I painted my face, tooth and glasses black: Anna Jackson in conversation with Christopher Whalen
11 Why stillness is the goal of movement: Simon Beard, a self-portrait
12 How to deal with those who want you to be what you are not: Zara Chidoub, a self-portrait by a student about to enter university
13 Under the winter snow the spring grass grows: Bi Scott, a self-portrait
14 Where I have found like-minded people: Katrina Navickas, a self-portrait
15 How to make life an adventure, razing all barriers: John Buchanan Reed, a self-portrait
16 So I find words I never thought to speak: Laura Evans, a self-portrait
17 How a post-doctoral researcher reconciles science and religion: Louise Smythe, a self-portrait and in conversation with John Reed
18 How an outsider creates her own international language: Val Crowder in conversation with Roman Krznaric
19 I'm not white, I'm not upper-class, Im not a man …I'm exploring Buddhism, Nietzsche and rap Malini Roy, a self-portrait
20 How women invite you to think and men to drink: Chris Fitzgerald in conversation with Christopher Whalen
21 A lot of my life I live in my head: Andrew Wilkie in conversation with John Reed
22 What follows forgetting: Dominique Zino, a self-portrait
23 What it takes to drop material strivings and cultivate a spiritual life: Stephen Eeley, a self-portrait
24 How to find an ambition that comes entirely from me: Jion Sheibani, a self-portrait
25 How undergraduates make up their mind about the future: Mark Grimmer, a self-portrait
26 What a reader for blind students has discovered about learning: Margaret Booth in conversation with Simon Beard
27 How science is part of our culture in the same way as art and literature: Sir Walter Bodmer in conversation with John Reed
28 What remains of a Confucian upbringing in a student of chemistry: Yueyang Hou, a self-portrait by a student about to enter university
29 What medicine should and should not do: Mike Parker in conversation with John Reed
30 Why a student sometimes resents education: Hayley Jade Cannon, a self-portrait
31 What a Rhodes Scholar needs to sacrifice: Robin Rotman in conversation with Simon Beard
32 When to use other people's words to express yourself: James McBain, a self-portrait
33 How a former tomboy with a passion for mud prepares herself for university: Sophie Townsend, a self-portrait by a student about to enter university
34 Why a college porter writes poetry: Peter Sipthorp in conversation with Jion Sheibani
35 How to live in doubt, in rebellion and in an imagined world: Rebecca Clayton, a self-portrait
36 Why the years from 60 to 70 were the best of my life: Eve Hoare in conversation with Christopher Whalen
37 What happens if you do not go to college till you retire: Royston Hoare in conversation with Roman Krznaric
38 How a final year student shakes off unwanted ambitions: Lucy Cowie, a self-portrait
39 How a specialist on the links between music and the emotions became a peace activist: John Sloboda in conversation with James Powell
40 Why research is particle physics is exciting, and slow, and what other excitements are necessary: Florian Heinemann in conversation with Simon Beard
41 Where can an accidental immigrant feel at home?: Michelle Chew, a self-portrait
42 Is it possible to experience joy without knowing sadness?: Tanweer Ali, a self-portrait
43 Why diary-writing and navel-gazing do not tell you who you are: Jen Parr, a self-portrait
44 Getting people to think what they have not thought before: Andrew Graham in conversation with Roman Krznaric