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Voices of Guide to an Unknown University

Introduction by Theodore Zeldin

Discover the secrets behind the facade of an ivory tower. The new book by The Oxford Muse, introduced by acclaimed historian and broadcaster Theodore Zeldin, is an intimate portrait of the University of Oxford. Hear the voices of porters and students alongside those of professors and college masters.

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Professors and Other Academic Staff
Kevin Talbot, Clinician Scientist and Consultant Neurologist Alison Brading, Professor of Pharmacology
Bi Scott, Lecturer and Tutor in Chinese Linguistics
Louise Smythe, Postdoctoral Researcher
Andrew Wilkie, Professor of Pathology
Sir Walter Bodmer, Principal of Hertford College
Mike Parker, Reader in Medical Ethics
Andrew Graham, Master of Balliol College
Non-Academic Staff
Adrian White, Security Guard
Anna Jackson, Library Service
Laura Evans, Access Scheme Worker
Stephen Eeley, Administrator
Margaret Booth, Reader for Blind Students
Peter Sipthorp, College Porter
Sophia Blackwell
John Sloboda
Tanweer Ali
Postgraduate Students
Leonora Fitzgibbons
Sabine Hocking
Katrina Navickas
John Buchanan Reed
Malini Roy
Robin Rotman
James McBain
Florian Heinemann
Michelle Chew
Mature Students
Val Crowder
Eve Hoare
Royston Hoare
Undergraduate Students
Matthew McLean
Rebecca Williams
Simon Beard
Zara Chidoub
Chris Fitzgerald
Dominique Zino
Jion Sheibani
Mark Grimmer
Yueyang Hou
Hayley Jade Cannon
Sophie Townsend
Rebecca Clayton
Lucy Cowie
Jen Parr