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We invite you to read a sample of portraits from our various projects. If you have any comments about the portraits or would like to know how to write your own self-portrait, please contact us by emailing here.

Search our portraits to discover what other people around the world think and feel about: empathy, perfection, war, loneliness, Africa, hair, Einstein, work, poetry, family, sleep, memory, curiosity, dancing...

New Arrivals from the United Arab Emirates

A Guide to the Self Portrait: Hesam

A Self Portrait: 'AI'

Why My Life Is Like Spagetti: 'S.M.'

A Self Portrait: 'S.S.'

Never break your parents' car's gear box. No matter how right you are: Quelqu'un

Gender and Identity in Conflict: Notes on growing up, settling down, planting roots, and calling it "home": Lina

Jesal Patel 'I'm too white to be Indian and too brown to be English'
Johanna Sohn Over and over again...
John Fox Why an Irish priest ends up teaching motor mechanics
John Sloboda Why should work and leisure be separate enterprises?
Jon Talbot No crumbs
Julia Burchell Tomato skins
Karen Godwin Dancing when the bats come out
Kassandra Isaacson Working as an artist throughout one's life
Kate Raworth Adventures in becoming a Muse
Katrina Navickas The idea of north
Kevin Talbot The internal life of a doctor who cures no one
kristyn westphal 'the beating remnants of my spat-upon soul'
Laura Evans How at 21 'the truths of my childhood are beginning to crumble' (August 2003)
Laura Evans So I find words I never thought to speak (May 2005)
Laurie Maguire Why an expert on Shakespeare feels that 'by the time you are twenty-something, the way you think is actually quite formed'
Leonora Fitzgibbons How conversations with death help you to rediscover life
Lina Gender and Identity in Conflict: Notes on growing up, settling down, planting roots, and calling it "home"
Louise The expanding horizons of a Christian scientist
Lyn Wesemael Seeing myself from 10,000 feet
Malini Roy 'A prism of hints that asks you to go beyond'
Margaret Booth 'How a retired teacher keeps on learning'
Maria Banks Conversations with my Aunt and other stuff
Marianne Dashwood Counselling myself through life events (aged 3-22)
Mary Hoffman Mary Hoffman in conversation with Christina Hardyment
Matthew McLean 'Sometimes honesty itself can be just another pose'
Mauro Sanin How a hurdy-gurdy helps a Galician busker 'follow the music'
Melanie 'How does it matter whether you gain the world or not?'
Mike Parker Why an intuitive bioethicist makes rather than finds, and goes skiing
Neville Hodgkinson How a leading science journalist finds solace and new strength in retreat
Pamela Sue Anderson How a feminist wants to change philosophy and theology
Paul Brennan How to be successful and lazy at the same time
Paul Dent 'This is probably the most I've talked in my life'
Peter de Boer How taking responsibility for a child enabled a sufferer from cancer to think about the future
Peter Sipthorp Bridges of trust require patience and courage
Phil Powell How a man who worries more about others than himself is coming to terms with the past
Phin Campbell How to survive an education system that teaches boredom and conformity
Quelqu'un Never break your parents' car's gear box. No matter how right you are.
Rachel Becker What you learn when your parents divorce
Rebecca Phillipson 'If you become self-aware enough then perhaps you can become where the buck stops'
Rebecca Williams 'I want a crystal ball to tell me, "Yes, you've made it." '
Richard Thompson What a Quaker ex-teacher needs to feel complete
Rob Townsend How a chef expresses his kindness
Robbie Morgan What drinking 24 cans of beer a day can teach you about life
Robert Ashton 'For almost 50 years now I have been wondering who I am and why I am here'
Roman Krznaric How the search for understanding differs from the search for knowledge
Rowland Johnson What a pub landlord thinks of his customers
Royston Hoare 'I'm not a great thinker, I'm a doer'
Rubén Reyes How a fish and chip shop provides conversation and the simple life
S A Self-Portrait
Sabine Hocking On being guided by strangers through an unknown city