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We invite you to read a sample of portraits from our various projects. If you have any comments about the portraits or would like to know how to write your own self-portrait, please contact us by emailing here.

Search our portraits to discover what other people around the world think and feel about: empathy, perfection, war, loneliness, Africa, hair, Einstein, work, poetry, family, sleep, memory, curiosity, dancing...

New Arrivals from the United Arab Emirates

A Guide to the Self Portrait: Hesam

A Self Portrait: 'AI'

Why My Life Is Like Spagetti: 'S.M.'

A Self Portrait: 'S.S.'

Never break your parents' car's gear box. No matter how right you are: Quelqu'un

Gender and Identity in Conflict: Notes on growing up, settling down, planting roots, and calling it "home": Lina

Sarah Singh 'Because I have made a conscious decision to have Christ within, I am a different person'
Sherry Martin How a former lawyer has learned that 'being adrift can mean willing to drift'
Simon Allen Why a former company director hasn't eaten at a restaurant for four years
Simon Beard The Elephant
SM Why my life is like spaghetti
Sophia Blackwell How an Oxford scholar found her voice in Slam
Sophie Townsend How a former tomboy with a passion for mud prepares herself for university
Stephen Eeley Revelations on the Road to Damascus
Steve Stuart How a cycling enthusiast became part of the human race
Sunny Kotecha 'My main worry is that I'll never meet a guy I like that my mum also approves of'
Susan Moxley 'Art prevents me from being lonely'
Tanweer Ali Is it possible to experience joy without knowing sadness?
Tatiana Filina 'I am comfortable with my choices'
Tim Wharton Giving - the proverbial bluebird
Val Crowder Why an Argentinian wildlife expert believes smiling is an international language