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Re-inventing Business

Painting: 'So what shall we do?'This section of the site points to the practical projects the Muse is starting. Would you like to participate?

We are focusing on Re-Inventing Business because 'Business' has become the dominant ideology of our time. Governments, even churches and universities aim to be 'businesslike', and to serve 'customers'. The methods of business have been imported into virtually every institution.

And yet, despite everything that management science, whose purpose is to increase prosperity,  has been changing for the past century, half the world is still poor, and many people are still doing jobs they hate or that do not make them into better human beings. If working hours have been reduced, they have often become more stressful. If we have more money, we often complain that we have less time.

What else is possible? We are not inviting you to invent any more utopias, but to discover what you can do now, in this world, as it is.