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Intelligent Friendships

Painting: 'Difference'This is our alternative to dating and social network websites. We do not try to match you with somebody similar or compatible. We do not invite you to reveal your charms, nor to exchange brief messages about your daily activities. Instead, we offer you opportunities to have intelligent conversations with people you are unlikely to meet in the normal course of your existence. We are interested in meeting people different from ourselves, in understanding how others see the world, in providing opportunities for those thought-provoking encounters with complete strangers which have made our travels memorable. Our purpose is to open up gates in the barriers that surround us and limit us to meeting only a narrow range of people in our own city, profession or nation.

How it Works

The Muse is building an online-version of conversation dinners!  The game is still in design, but the process will go something like:

Register on this site with a pseudonym.

  • You will receive, chosen completely at random, a link to someone else who has registered, with whom you can start a conversation.
  • You then pick a question, completely at random, from 400 possible topics, to talk about.  What we are offering here is an online extension of the Conversation Dinners that the Muse has pioneered with great success. You will be invited to these also if you wish.
  • We are beginning with the students of Oxford University, in a pilot phase.. As the website develops, we hope people of every kind and every nation will join in.