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Painting: 'Supporter Tuesday'The Oxford Muse was born in 2001, the brainchild of Theodore Zeldin.

It has been nurtured by well-wishers and volunteers of many kinds, in an atmosphere of informality. We invite you to tell us how we can be useful to you, and what practical collaboration you would like to offer us.

As the range of our projects have widened, and as opportunities offered to us have increased, we need to expand the range of talent and experience we can draw on.

We wish to create a Council of Advisors and the title of Fellow of the Oxford Muse for those who make a substantial contribution to our work.

The original seed money to start us off came from some philanthropists in Houston Texas, who heard about our plans. It was the city which played a major role in the most spectacular adventure of the 20th century, the journey into space. Our ambition is to embark on what we hope will be the most surprising adventure of the 21st century. We are trying to do what seems as impossible as going to the moon once did. Can humans make as much progress in the way they treat one another as they have been making in technology?

We have room for more brave men and women who want to be a new kind of astronaut, using methods as practical and as far removed from utopianism as those that have worked wonders in aeronautics.  As this webside shows, we now have many new projects. We need philanthropic donations if these are to develop.  

We want to record our deep gratitude to those who have helped us financially: Nina and Michael Zilkha; The Nightingale Code Foundation; Craig & Poppi Massey; Suzanne Georges; Marjorie & Dine Glasgow; Ashley Mc Dermott; The Hogland Foundation; David Newton; Richard Paice; H.M. Government; the European Commission; the Arts Council of England; the British Council; the Higher Education Fund; the Equality and Human Rights Commission; McDonalds; IKEA; BMW; BP; Russell Reynolds; Nike; and the Minatec Nanotechnology Laboratory.

And also to all those who have been invaluable advisors to the Muse, at one time or another, and who have come from almost every branch of activity, as these examples show:

Andy Law, founder of St Luke's, which was voted the best advertising agency in Britain and which the Harvard Business Review called the most dangerous advertising agency in the world.

Dr. Leston Havens, professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, author of Learning to Be Human and many other very humane books.

Dr. Ivon Asquith, formerly general manager of the Oxford University Press.

Sir David Rowland, formerly Chairman of Lloyds and of the Natwest Bank and President of Templeton College Oxford.

Michael Moritz, senior partner of Sequoia Capital, who in his youth was Theodore Zeldin's pupil at Oxford.

Dame Joan Bakewell, the BBC broadcaster

Janne Ryan, executive producer in charge of arts and culture at Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney, whose television programmes on The Mind of the Architect won international prizes.

Dr. Nigel Wilson, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, the pioneer of the Dial-a-Ride Bus.

Daniel Quirici, Ph.D. Stanford, one of the world's leading experts on the construction industry, formerly Managing Director of Schroeder Salomon Smith Barney and Advisory Director of Citigroup.

Jean-Michel Djian, professor of cultural engineering at Paris University, developing education by apprenticeship, formerly editor of Le Monde de l'Education.

Kathryn Cave, who won UNESCO's first prize for children's literature in the service of tolerance

Dr. Deirdre Wilson, professor of linguistics at University College London, co-inventor of the Theory of Relevance

Dr. Abi Berger, science editor of the British Medical Journal, a general medical practitioner, artist and violinist, who aims to lead a balanced life, being both British and American.

Gideon Koppel, the filmmaker whose film Sleep Furiously has won international acclaim, and whose prize winning commercials for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children have won record audience responses

Dr. Marshall Young, Vice-Principal of Green Templeton College, Oxford, director of Oxford's Strategic Leadership Course for Senior Executives, and Dr. Sue Dopson, professor at the Said Business School, Oxford.

Commander Peter Baseby, Royal Navy (Retired), who has been our accountant and auditor

Cathy de Monchaux, sculptor, whose work can be seen at the Tate Modern, and who has had one woman exhibitions at the Hirschorn Museum in Washington, the Whitechapel Museum in London etc.

Anne Marie Autissier, formerly President of the magazine Culture Europe, author of numerous reports for the European Commission and a leading expert on European cultural cooperation.

Eva Hamilton MBE, formerly director of the Homelessness Project at Business for the Community.

Dr. Valerie Gauthier, Dean of MBA Studies at HEC, Paris.

Thierry Saussez, publicist, founder of Image et Strategie, adviser to the president of France.

And those who have generously helped with our research and our events:

Poppy Sebag-Montefiore, John Reed, Alex Grigor, Christina Hardyment, Nina May, Gemma Mortensen, Charlie Koolhaas, Dr. Roman Krznaric,  Christopher Whalen, Dr. Bi Scott, James Westcott, Anand Giridharadas, Beth Cullen, Sophia Blackwell, Corinna Gannon, Mark Garcia, James McConnachie, Danielle Olsen, Anna Parker, Jim Williams, Kate Stewart, Kim Hammond, Laura Evans, Dr.Tim Wharton, Gilli (Davies) Cliff, Jessie Teggin and the organisers and members of the Oxford University Students' Muse Society.