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We now have a website for the  An Olympics Muse Conversation Dinner is planned for 8 August

For our activities in Lewisham, contact




The Muse is now active in France and a registered Association 1901. Our lastt Dinner there was held on 23 March. We have been organising Conversations and portrait-making in France for some years now. We have three projects in the process of negotiation, which should expand our activities very considerably. See Muse Ideas for Theodore Zeldin’s publications on France and articles in the French press.

Please email us if you are interested in activities in France:


The first Muse Conversations in Vienna were held on Saturday 28 April 2012. Please contact for the next events being planned.


We have been making portraits in the Czech Republic for over a year and have almost completed a book. Further information will be available in the next few months.

Lisbon    Conversation dinner this month:

The Emirates  

We are collaborating with Sharjah and Dubai and hope to organise a Muse Dinner in Dubai shortly. Theodore Zeldin’s book An Intimate History of Humanity is in the process of being translated into Arabic. Please watch this space for further developments.


New York

We have started making portraits in NY, and are now planning to establish an NY Muse. A dinner is scheduled for September. Contact



We have had much encouragement from the inhabitants of Houston. (See our supporters) We welcome further interest from Texas.