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Late @ Modern Art Oxford

28 April 2006

Deep Soup     Muse Conversation

Lots more photos of the event here!

As part of the Late at Modern Art Oxford event on April 28, The Oxford Muse invited visitors to take part in Muse conversations in the café area. People sat in pairs, usually with someone they didn't know, and used a Muse Menu of Conversation to stimulate an exchange of thoughts and experiences about the art of living that went beyond superficial talk. The conversation was accompanied by local, organic soup created by food artist Miche Fabre Lewin. Over 80 people took part. Here are some of their comments:

'It was great to talk to a stranger. I liked the unexpected element, requiring some level of commitment and kindness. It's good to exercise these things.'

'I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a great human exchange and we both gained.'

'The conversation was great, and I learned a lot about the other person. It was refreshing to bare my soul to a 'stranger''.

'I think it is a brilliant idea to have this ice breaker kind of conversation and the questions. Our amazingly fresh soup was great.'

'A great idea, didn't stick to the questions entirely but thought they were a good starting point.'

'An interesting experience that I had no idea I'd have today. Great idea, great to meet someone new.'

'Tried to eat my way through the entire Menu of Conversation but the conversation flowed towards and away! The environment allowed openness and a very relaxed time.'

'In some ways a familiar space (creative conversations are my profession); but I'm always intrigued by what emerges at the first point of contact – consciously and unconsciously.'

'An enjoyable opportunity to meet an interesting lady. The whole event was great!'

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